Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Miles Museum, Barcaldine, Longreach & Qantas museum

Rod & I started our long awaited trip of Oz 3rd May. Free camped @ Judd's Lagoon near Yuelba Q 1st night. Picture perfect, but cold!!
We stopped off @ Sue's Dad's cattle property 60 Kms east of Charleville for a few days whilst he adjusted to having to move about the house with a walking frame with his R) leg in a splint as a result of a small cow kicking him in the side of his leg & fracturing head of ?? Tibia (outer lateral to the knee cap).

I found this little guy crossing the road as I was driving  near the house.
Of course a trip wouldn't be much of a trip with out playing the 'tourist' @ a few museum's lol.
Have seen 3 of them now in 5 days, & we think we've had our 'fix' for awhile until........................
 Miles Museum is the focus here......
 Early 20th C ?? Gramophone - didn't write down every detail & of course get mixed up with dates, but the pic tells the story any way xxx
 This little beauty is a Dentist's chair - pleased they're a little more comfy than this 1 - concept still remains the same though.
 Horse drawn wagon of old used for carting goods from A - B !
 We liked this Barber Shop chair - rather fancier than what we see now, don't you think?
 Couldn't pass up on a few pics in the 'Hospital' building - this believe it or not is a Human Breast Pump - rather pleased they don't look that 'murderous' on women's Breasts these days............
 There was several cabinets of instruments for operations, some still look the same or similar, but pleased these needles & syringes have changed for the better - I think they maybe were last used up to mid 70's though as I vaguely remember seeing these somewhere.
 This 'gem' is an Anaesthetic Machine - concept still exists slightly when I last saw 1.
Found these also in the nursery

 Still in the Nursery, these baby wt scales & is that some sort of feeding device in the middle??
 This  poor old wheel chair from 1925 looks like a rough ride.
 I sure hope some of this lot was in a warming cupboard before being used !
Well I thought all my nursing friends should see how neat & tidy a bed side should look!!!!!!!
 These things ladies & ...gents, are steam irons

& in the grocery store................ so that was Miles Museum, left out plenty more, but didn't want to bore you all yet on Museum tours.....................

The next Museum was in Barcaldine - The Australian Workers Museum - all labour orientated
 A rather large fire extinguisher found in the Power House .... at least they had plenty of chemical to put any fires out!!
 This is the engine room of the Power House
We think this 6 horse drawn grader is from the 1930's

Another Museum - this time Qantas in Longreach
 The Bunbury is a Boeing747 decommissioned in 2002, after flying 82.54million kms - that's correct - or the equivilent of 100 trips to the moon or 10 yrs continuous flying or 2,000 trips around the world. This is when  Qantas stop flying their planes & sell to other companies or sell as scrap metal or spare parts.
Want to know some more gems on this baby - it weighs 377.84 tonnes fully loaded, can fly 570kms / hr, takes on 162 tonnes of fuel for some flights. Get this - the internal temp in each of the 4 x $6.5million engines (new) reaches 1,305*C.  More than enough to fry a few eggs.
 Rod & I were taken on a tour of that baby -  made sure we didn't pay for the pics!!

 This old lady is a replica of Qantas 1st plane - called the AVRO built in 1921.
 The 1920's Model T Ford also was used by someone involved with the founders of Qantas - too much info read & some just got forgotten after 5 hrs of walking around & reading the history of where our famous airline came from.
 These are replicas of the 1st ever seats ever used in the open air passenger plane - only a couple of passengers could be taken on board the 1924 DH50 called IRIS ... as seen below. The pilot was still in the open air & wore goggles etc.
 The Tree of Knowledge is found in Barcaldine .... striking shearers used this as their meeting place to discuss the shearers strike & this is how the Labour Workers Union was formed in the late 1800's. The majestic Eucalyptus Gum tree was 'murdered' some time around 2007 & is now just a skeleton :-(

This rather large windmill was just down the road from the Tree of Knowledge.

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