Sunday, 15 May 2011

Boulia & The Min Min lights

Boulia is situated on the Burke River ( Burke & Wills) in far western Qld. Population 600. Yearly rainfall 250ml!! No, that's not a typo :)
Would have to be 1 of the driest towns in Qld, but this yr delivered that much rain just in a few months.

 Boulia is famous for the Min Min light. The Min Min light is most often described as a hovering luminescent ball. Scientists are baffled to explain the phenomenon.

The Min Min show uses animatronics,  & real people's names who experienced the encounter with the Min Min light,  from the early 1900'. Fibre optics & loads of  other high tech wizardry.

The 45 min encounter starts @ the Min Min pub & introduces us to the story of the Min Min light by various characters who claim to have seen the mysterious light.

Un fortunately that's where the Min Min photos stop, as due to copy right, no pics were allowed inside the theatre.

The van park we stayed in to stock up on water & power, was right beside the Burke River. Just a fence separated us from the water. Rod succeeded in catching dinner be catching 8 of these Red Claw. Cooked up with a garlic & chillie sauce was delicious xx

Rod had to prepare the Red Claw for the cooking pot as I don't like that job - I also don't like pealing prawns !!

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