Thursday, 26 May 2011

Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon would have to be 1 of the best National Parks walks I've been on. The craggy rocks & their colours were as spectacular from ground level as the West MacDonnell ranges.

 This little stone fell sometime around 1930 & has been the last recorded rock fall in Kings Canyon.

 Sunset @ Kings Canyon was another special treat
Kathleen Springs is close by, & has a permanent waterhole. The reflection onto the water from above was pretty.

The 'Rim Walk' around the top on Kings Canyon is a 6km walk with a grading of difficulty as 'moderate'. The walk took us 2.5hrs. The most challenging part was getting to the top.
The walk begins with a steep climb of 100mtrs of steps to the top. After that we had to scamper up & down rocky steps for the rest of  the walk. We followed the Canyon rim, passing deep crevices, a Garden of Eden with ancient cycads & other beautiful vegetation.
 There were hundreds of these bee hive like domes & we we climbed over or around many of them. These weathered &  buttressed domes of the 'Lost City' were amazing to look at.

 The 'Garden of Eden' & it's old cycads

It just amazes me how any thing can grow up on top of King's Canyon. Temps reach upwards of 45 - 50* C in summer. Rain is usually scarce, averaging < 250mls per yr.

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