Friday, 20 May 2011

Alice Springs part 2

The "Alice" is on the famous Todd River - the river is usually  dry & sandy as can be seen here in these 2 photos.

A small puddle could be found on the other side of the foot bridge :)

 View from Trig Hill down onto the Todd River where there's a small water hole.

We climbed Trig Hill, just north of the town. The 'trig point ' is the intersection of a longitude & latitude line.

The Overland  Telegraph line ran through near here in 1887 stretching from Adelaide to Darwin - significant in history for communication to the outside world from central Australia. 

The sign says it all - just north of the town & we found a bigger water hole in the Todd River...................
Well, this looks like another puddle, but it's bigger than the last puddle of water. Don't know why it's called a "river" really ........

We had to take a look at this large bolder in front of the MacDonnell Range.
Under it is the ashes of Dr John Flynn, founder of the RFDS. He opened up medical aide to central Australia with the help of Qantas planes.This monument is just outside Alice along the Larapinta Drive.
He has an amazing view for his resting place don't you think??
To finish off, thought I should share with you 1 beautiful bird species we are sharing with just outside our van door. Not sure if this guy is trying to destroy our NextG aeriel, but he was shooed away pretty quickly.

He's a Ring Neck Parrot - Port Lincoln variety.

Almost forgot to add -long story, but we've had a rattling exhaust pipe since Barcaldine. We had the exhaust upgraded just before leaving Brisbane. We had mechanics look at it in Longreach & Winton. The latter suggested it should be Ok going over the rough Plenty Hwy, but should be looked at in Alice Springs.
It's just as well Rod took it along to an exhaust shop, because a hole was developing in our brand new exhaust system!!
The installer in Brisbane was contacted who indicated it would be replaced under warranty on our return to Brisbane. Apparently a design fault or some such rubbish.
Some type of repair was made & we also had another new spring added to the existing 1's plus a suspension lift to give us more room going over rough terrain.
A few more $$$ off loaded from our pockets :(
Hope it is worth it

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